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PAPEETE: Finally, we are online with our own guestbook! We hope that as many as possible of our faithful readers will take the opportunity to send us a few words every now and then. We already receive a large number of emails and sms, and we really appreciate the response. Now, an additional opportunity to reach us has been presented with this guestbook. Obviously, we are also very happy for any feedback that you may want to share with us about our webpage and so on.

Link to the guestbook

Guestbook finally online!
THE TUAMOTU-ARCHIPELAGO: National day we celebrated more or less voluntarily in the middle of the Pacific. We were joined by the shark Tom and the swordfish Zorro.

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Norwegian national day!

ADAMSTOWN: At the very same moment as the sun rose from the horizon, and the famous island of Pitcairn appeared in the far distance, Runes wristwatch stopped, after three years of faithful service. Coincidence? Hm. For us the stay at Pitcairn island became an unforgettable time.

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Pitcairn island- last hideout of the Bounty-mutineers

Galapagos next
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BALBOA: Underveis has reached the Pacific! We are currently moored in Balboa, where we are provisioning and preparing for the passage to the Galapagos islands. We are feeling completely intoxicated these days, and that is only because we realize that we are in a different world ocean.

COLON: Friday afternoon (tomorrow, on the 8th of February, in other words) Underveis will transit through the Panama canal, if everything goes according to plan. Follow us on webcamera!

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Underveis through the Panama canal

COLON: We at Underveis would hereby like to wish all of our readers a Happy New Year. We are currently in Colon in Panama, and are awaiting transit through the canal. Per 4th of January, we have registered 280,900 hits on our webpage, a great pleasure for us. We also receive emails and satelitte messages from Norway and all over the world, and think that is very pleasant. We hope to hear from all of you in 2008 as well!
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the page from 2006
Here is the link to:

Happy New Year is now online. If you wish know more about what is, just follow the link underneath. We will try to update this site as often as we can so you to can follow us in the progress this project.

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We have crossed the Equator
PUERTO AYORA: We have crossed the Equator and the 90th longitude, and are currently at anchor in the island of St. Cruz in the Galàpagos archipelago. Here, the iguanas are crawling in the streets, and even the insects are completely tame.
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Galàpagos – paradise lost
PUERTO AYORA: Galàpagos. The name smells of adventure and natural-historical explorations. And the islands are truly unique, as is the fauna and the flora. But in Galàpagos, overpopulation, mass tourism and the introduction of foreign species are causing the largest crisis the islands have faced in several million years.

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HANGA ROA: As Underveis dropped anchor, the bells tolled from the shoreside. It was Easter at Easter island, 286 days and a few hours after the Dutch admiral Jaques Roggeveen had arrived at the island, as the first European, giving it its present name. An hour later Runes parents landed by plane from Norway. We had reached Easter island!
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Family reunion at Easter island

PAGO PAGO: American Samoa is an undiscovered pearl, no less. Possibly the name deters yachties from venturing there. That’s a pity. For it is only in name that American Samoa is American.
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(Not so) American Samoa

Palangi in paradise
PAGO PAGO: One day the Port Captain of Pago Pago called all ships in the harbour with a request if anyone could conceive of going to the little atoll of Swains Island, some 220 nautical miles to the north, carrying provisions. Departure was as soon as possible.

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180 DEGREES EAST/WEST: Underveis has crossed the international date line. We are now counting the longitude backwards home towards Røst. A new milestone for us. We celebrated with freshly fished mahi-mahi and newly regained youth.
Crossing the
date line

Kava – Southern Pacific way of life
PORT VILA, VANUATU: In the desolate jungle areas on the islands of the Southern Pacific, the mildly narcotic drink of kava is very popular. The bitter tasting juice made from plant roots looks and tastes like muddy water, but it gives the user a quiet, relaxed feeling of happiness. Many people here drink kava every night, due to a lack of other ways of entertaining themselves.

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MALEKULA, VANUATU: - They will love your white skin, our man says, smilingly, showing off his long, yellow teeth and looking at us with blood-shot eyes. We are on our way to the island of Malekula in the Vanuatu-archipelago, to look for the last cannibal.

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Underveis amongst cannibals

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