C o n t r i b u t o r s :
The following have contributed to our project in one way or another, and deserve all the credit we can give them. Thank you so much!
For being so pessimistic about this project that they convinced us completely that this, this was really something that we wanted to go through with!

Our parents: Kari and Roald Arnfinn and Synnøve
Tor Martin and Solveig
For good advice, encouragement and psychological support +++.
Kjartan Johnsen
Who sold us the boat at a price that made our project possible to go through with.
Seines Rederi
For giving us shelter in their marina during a gale we encountered.
Maritim AS
For the device that allowed our boat to be stored safely on the deck of the bulk carrier “Røssøy”
Shell gas station Ørnes
With their discounted offers and well assorted shop, from which we have been purchasing an enormous amount of goods.
Stavanger Seil
For safe and capable transport of our boat from Stavanger to Sandnessjøen in September 2005.
Kari Thue
For mending our ripped genoa.
Trine Sjøvold and Ole Schjerven
For stripping their yacht for maritime equipment and selling it to us at a favourable price. And thank you for loads of good advice and moral support.
Main Sponsors
Runes cousin Morten Arntzen
For his hospitality and all other assistance, every time we have been to Bodø for seminars or other business.
Runes cousin Trond Arntzen
Who managed to put together a second-hand skiing equipment and had it sent to us, so that Rune can go skiing if we manage to get to the Antarctic. South Pole, here we come!
Jan Erik Wessel
For helping us photograph our ship while on the high seas. His pictures can also be seen at Gallery Wessel at Røst in Lofoten.
For the help with finding our way into the harbor at Veiholmen at Smola, incredible hospitality and help, the fish, whale meat, freshly baken bread, maps and all other help.
Marilyn Hyttan, Anton and Odd Arne Kristiansen
For the help with finding our way to Vollseth in the dead of night, enormous hospitality, practical assistance, lending us their car and for all the food we ate and took with us. There is nothing like kin!
Grethe and Kjell Vollseth and their family
For aborting their holiday in order to come home and arrange our farewell dinner, for chocolate cake, photographing us, printing passport photos and for all care. No one with friends like them, can call themselves poor!
Rino and Kulwant Jassal and their family
Who gave us a lot of good advice on sailing, prepared countless delicious dinners for us during our stay in Bergen, and invited us to Villa Luna in Brazil during Christmas. In addition, we have washed a pile of dirty laundry there.
Aksel and Soraya Fugelli with family
For hospitality, delicious dinner, for assistance in drying out pillows in Underveis after the storm, and for care and all help. Swing down, sweet chariot!
Arild and Ada Kjeseth
Who took in two soaking wet, hungry and cold circumnavigators into their lovely home, gave us food, dried our clothes, gave us beds, lent us field equipment and everything else we needed. In addition, they have forwarded our mail, driven us about, given us all possible moral and practical support, and encouraged us with their good humored, down-to-earth view on life. Saying thank you to Lars and Reidun after all they have done for us in the past two weeks, would sound hollow and stupid, because it would be insufficient. But we will give it a try anyway: Thank you so much for all help and assistance, Lars and Reidun, and we hope to be able to pay you back one day, if you need a helping hand.
Lars, Lars Johan and Reidun Ulveseth
For the four heavy duty cargo straps that she gave us on our departure. They have been very useful! For securing diving equipment, for trimming the rig and aft halyards and many other things.
Hildegunn Ekrem
Home port
For letting Rune borrow bags of yachting magazines when we worked toghether in Baku, for all moral and practical support, and for helping us adjust the standing rigging during our stay in Bergen after our first attempt to cross the North Sea.
Endre Aas
For letting us crash in her apartment in London while she was away on Christmas holidays in Norway. We have watched movies, played music, prepared grand meals and generally just enjoyed staying in a house again. Thank you so much!
Unni Buschmann
For a wonderful month in the city of lights, Paris. We have gone shopping, seen the Louvre, the Eiffel tower and enjoyed their marvelous hospitality. Jean-Charles is a magnificent chef, and every evning we have gathered for supper in their enormous Parisian apartment, situated straight in the middle of Paris. Thank you so much, and see you on Røst this summer!
Randi and Jean-Charles Burgoint with family
Oddny Pedersen
For very competent haircuts free of charge. It is important to look ones best when one is being photographed for the newspapers.
The Dutch are very easy going people, and these were no exception to the rule. We met in Sines, Portugal, and they helped us out with maps, good advice and many other things.
Jos, Kees and Anja
For a fantastic reception in Las Palmas, for showing us around the city, giving us good advice, for many delicious suppers onboard the Sunflower, for lending us tools, literature, for their good humour, and for their consideration and compassion.
Morten and Ann Kristin Martnes
For receiving us in their home in Port of Spain with open arms. They have driven us back and forth, given us countless tips and hints, and all summer they have driven back and forth to Chaguaramas and kept a watchful eye out for our ship. We have limes, had fun with their family and been around to festivals, turtle watching and many other things. We are very grateful to you, and hope that you will be coming to Rost in the future, so that we can return the hospitality. Thank you for a very pleasant stay!
Dawn and Gunnar Buschmann
For picking up our windvane with an unreliable and unkind salesman, for packing it nicely and shipping it half way around the country for us.
Bjarne Ellingsen, Runes brother
For a magnificent fishdinner, the tour around the ship, a very nice evening, and last but not least; Christmas grog, Norwegian fishballs and - meatballs and many other delicacies from norway that we will be enoying for Christmas and on the journey across the Pacific.
Bjørn Ingvaldsen, Frode Jentoft and the crew at Olympic Orion
Karstein and Lillian Morfjord
For saving our Christmas in Colombia. We have eaten steak, opened Christmas presents, sung Christmas carols, seen photographs, visited projects and in general had a terrific time with them. We hope to be able to return the hospitality upon our next encounter.
For assuming the responsibilties of line handlers during our transit through the Panama canal at very short notice. Cliff even said yes in only one hours notice! With their experience at canal transits, they made us at the Underveis feel completely relaxed and comfortable, knowing that we were in the best hands.
Jacques, Sandra and Clifford
Hotel manager, plantation owner and farmer in St. Cruz in the Galàpagos-archipelago. His grandfather, also named Thorvald, emigrated to Galàpagos from Rjukan in 1935 with his family. Thorvaldo brought us to his forefathers farm, that now serves as a museum, and gave us the tour. In addition, we could enjoy a loooong and good shower at his hotel, the Estrella Del Mar.
Thorvaldo Kastdalen
Marcelo Valdes Avila
For leting us sit in his restaurant and use the wifi to work during our stay at Easter Island. And for letting us extract cash through his cash registrer since the ATMs on the island dont accept VISA, and the bank there and at home were useless and incompetent for wiring money from Norway. Thank you!
For fixing our engine in Pitcairn, that we had been struggling with since Panama. He fixed one of the injectors, sharpened our machetes, welded the manual engine crank and came onboard with an extra battery to start our engine with . After a week without electricity onboard, it felt like Christmas Eve!
Jay "Squeeky" Warren
For incredible hospitality during our stay on the mutineers island of Pitcairn, for lovely home baked bread and dumplings, comfy nights in their couches, guding and driving around on the island, lots of background info about the island and its history, help in wiring money from Norway, provisioning, wash our clothes, shower, check our email and basically just enjoy ourselves completely in their home.
Kari, Timmy and Sarah Young
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About us
For all help and support during Runes stay in Tahiti, and for tips about good places to moor, for letting him hook up to their internet link, and for the lift to Papeete.
Nina og Teiva Joyeux
For incredible hospitality during our visit to Swains Island. For all the good food, the unique experiences and for their fantastic humor.
Alatina og Palapi
For several financial contributions to our voyage, and for lots of feedback and good advice as we go along.
Werner Hausen
For a fantastic reception and assistance during the journalistic trip down there, good advice, and lovely waffles. Not to mention a nice, clean and dry bed. Pure luxury!
The Norwegian Seamen`s Church in Sydney
Thank you so much for all help, for hospitality, friendliness, good food, good company and guided tours around ancient holy places. We wish you all the best for the future, and look forward to meeting again.
Mark and Nora Robinson, as well as the entire Malfakal villag
For all assistance during my stay in Darwin, for free internet and delicious dinners, an unforgettable St.hans evening at the beach together with Danes and Swedes. It took us three and a half years from you invited us for coffee, until I actually came to Darwin!
Arne and Ragnhild Furre
For letting a worn out solosailer camp in for a couple of weeks, sleep in a proper bed and shower in a clean bathroom. And for numerous evenings on Toms front porch, with cold beer, drinks and good food. I look forward to returning the hospitality on first occasion I get!
Baard Maehle and Tom Gallaghe