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Main cooperation partners. These have decided to support our project and became our main cooperation partners. Without them this project would not have been possible to implement. With their help Underveis has become a safe, target oriented and streamlined project, literally under ways towards new horizons.

Lofotposten is the largest, and arguably the most importans newspaper for the Lofoten region and the Norwegian coastal communitites. We regularly write and publish reports from our journey, and about other people from Lofoten that we meet as we go along.

Yesbox productions is a full range supplier within the field of planning and production of films. They produce commercials, documentaries and whatever else the customer desire. Yesbox has made it their principle to offer unique products and solutions. As we go along, Yesbox will assist us in making a documentary film series about our voyage, to be offered for sale to TV channels in Norway and abroad upon our return.
Bokstavfabrikken is the most innovative advertising company in Northern Norway, and they produce all kinds of logos, advertisement signs and other profile building products. They have given us all logos and marking on the ships hull.

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Røst Sjømat AS
Røst Sjømat AS (Roest Seafood LTD), is an exclusively family run business. Todays owners are first generation fish factory businessmen. The main products are stockfish, salted fish, fresh fish and cod row.

Todays owners started their business in 1984 at Prestholmen, in combination with salmon farming. From 1984 to 1999, the production was undertaken solely at Prestholmen Lakseslakteri, the landbase for salmon fish-farming and also conventional production of fish.

An older fish factory was purchased in the fall of 1998, and upgraded step by step to what is today a very modern fish factory, with new facilities in combination with older ones. The company possesses a range of machinery, new quays and three different cool storages aimed at enhancing the quality of the companys products. Currently, the total capacity for producing stockfish, is about 800 tons a year.

The main products are stockfish, salted fish, fresh fish and cod row. The company sells all of its row-products in total to Mills, a national company that develops the row into Mills cod row caviar.

Røst Sjømat LTD receive fish all year around from local fishing boats as well as visiting boats. 90 per cent of the annual fish production is done during the winter season ranging from January to March/April.

The company is also involved in fish farming ventures regarding cod and halibut.