The idea of sailing around the world was born in the summer of 2000. Since then we have worked actively and seriously with our idea, and developed it into a plan, that has now become the project that we are about to realize in August next year (2006). The circumnavigation will last at least three years, and be the main occupation for both of us during that period of time.
This fall we bought a 34-foot Hero 101 sailing yacht. The boat is of a type that is frequently used for long trips. Now we will commence with the practical things and exercises that are necessary in order to be ready for circumnavigation, with our planned departure in the latter half of August 2006.

Our voyage will last for at least three years, and we are so far planning to return home to Rost by the end of October 2009. This, as well as the detailed travel schedule is, however, 100 per cent flexible. We can, and most likely will, change it many times during the course of our journey. This is, among other things, a question of weather conditions and distances.

Both departure and arrival will be from Rost in Lofoten. During the voyage we will compile several slide shows, lectures, music and short movies, that we hope to travel around Norway with, both during and after the journey. Sponsors and their clients/business associates will of course be given special importance.

In addition, we will also have a webpage up and going, where we will publish pictures, articles, the ships log, diary and many other things. We will also try to have a web camera on board. Sponsors and their logos and information about their businesses will also be available on these web pages, and we will try to sell ad space to whomever we can.

We hope to gather 4-5 main sponsors. In addition, we will have many other sponsors and cooperation partners with us, who will contribute with everything from diving equipment to food and technology. The potential for

sponsors to promote themselves on our web pages will be substantial, and last for many years, also after our journey is concluded in 2009/2010. Not the least through this webpage, that we intend to update “for all eternity”

This doesn’t mean that one will have to wait for the commercial effect to kick in, on the contrary. We will use all our contacts and all our experience to generate a maximum of press in all kinds of media from Day 1. This in addition to all the material we will produce ourselves, and publish wherever we can.

Sponsors, partners and others will therefore very quickly see the effect of their efforts to promote themselves through our project.

When all this is said, we would like to underline the fact that “S/Y Underveis” is a non profit project on our part. We have no expectations, nor any intention of making money on this project. Our motivation, besides the journey itself, are the professional and practical challenges we will face as journalist and graphical designer, and the solemn pride of having fulfilled a dream that has been lingering in our minds for many, many years.

This lady plays a main part in or project. We have given her the name "S/Y UNDERVEIS"

Total budget:

Obviously, it is very difficult to make an exact budget for such a project as ours. But we have taken into consideration our own life experience, the budgets of other sailors and then adjusted them to our model. Thus we reckon that our budget is fairly realistic. One of the most substantial expenses will be maintenance of the boat. This we have taken into consideration, and we are also in a dialogue with sponsors and others in order to be able to acquire cheap, quality parts, as well as external know-how for repairs, where and when needed.

The budget (In Norwegian language) can be downloaded as a PDF- file here.

Rune Ellingsen (d.o.b. 03.01.1974) is a trained journalist, and he also grew up on Rost. He just started on his Master of Arts degree in International relations, and will have his studies as well as this project as his main occupation in the coming years. Rune has visited roughly 25 countries in his job as a journalist.
Finn Olav Olsen (d.o.b. 09.06.1972) is a trained graphical designer, and he was born and raised on the island of Rost in Lofoten. For the time being he is working in the family tourist company at Karoy, a job that is seasonal and flexible. He is also the mastermind behind Circus Utrost, and it has been very popular since the start in 1998.

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