F i n n _ O l a v _ O l s e n
“Are you spontaneous, crazy and so on?” No. But I try my best. I was born naked and toothless 09. 06. 72 in Trondheim. I consider myself a jack of all trades, who knows a little bit about every trade, but none very well. I do a little bit of everything, but nothing so long that it makes me weary. “Nothing should be left untried”, it says in the Holy Bible, and I am more afraid of never having lived, than I am of dying.
I myself would describe me as a quiet, shy, modest, curious, honest and deadly boring person. As I think of myself as so boring in my own company, I try to do as many things as I can, that are not boring. Everything I know, know how to do and have done, is uninteresting to me.
I currently work in the family business “Kårøy rorbucamping”, which I will have to take over in a few years. That is going to be a great challenge. It is easy to describe what I do in the firm: EVERYTHING! In addition to this, I am very busy with my hobby, the childrens circus “Circus Ut-Røst”.
Everything I don’t know, don’t know how to do or haven’t done, is what I find interesting. That’s why I occupy myself with things like childrens circus and circumnavigating the planet.

Of education I have nine years of elementary school, one year at Fredly folk high school with the subjects: Boat building and IT. Then I have one year of drawing, shapes and colours from KVT at Heimdal. Two years of technical construction drawing from Asphaugen high school in Bodø. I served my national service as a radar operator in the Royal coast artillery at Lødingen. Then I majored in visual communication at Solhaugen high school in Narvik. I am currently taking a coastal skippers certificate.

The word circus is a very good word for summing up all my hobbies. I was bitten by the “Circus flea” during a stay in Switzerland in 1992. In 1998 I was sick and tired of being bent on circus all alone, so I started the circus group “Sirkus Utrøst”. So today Røst is known for three different things: Fish, birds and circus. But if you do one thing for too long, you get tired of it. So now I am going on a small vacation by sailing boat!
Karoy Rorbucamping on Rost.
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