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Our associates contribute to the project by giving us very good prices and conditions on goods and services that we need. In this way they contribute to securing the project economically. Many of our associates also contribute with expertise and advice within their respective areas of expertise.

Polardykk in Bodø is the largest diving center in Northern Norway. They help us with everything we are going to do under the surface of the sea, diving equipment, diving courses and expertise. In addition we are able to purchase equipment and services at very favorable prices in their well assorted diving shop.

Coverpix is an untraditional picture agency, mainly focusing on maritime motives, as well as adventure stories, and we have the pleasure of cooperating with them. During our journey, we will be taking pictures and writing stories from many places, in several languages for distribution to many countries.

Friskhuset fitness center currently operates 8 centers in Northern Norway, from Mo i Rana in the south, to Stokmarknes in the north. In all their fitness centers you will find a large choice of training facilities, and as a member, you can use any Friskhuset fitness center you want. S/Y Underveis are cooperating with Friskhuset on diet control, and will have a tailor-made training scheme designed for use on board our ship in the high seas.

Main Sponsors
Maritim AS have given us very favorable prices on delivering parts and all types of maritime equipment from their well assorted shop. The service and customer-friendliness at Maritim knows no boundaries!

Glea AS was first established in1936, and currently has export of stockfish as its main product. But also fresh fish, cod roe and the Norwegian speciality “lutefisk” are being produced. They have sponsored us with 200 litres of diesel and around 50 kgs of stockfish for the trip, and we thank them so much for the contribution!
John Greger AS was first established in 1920. Todays owners are 3rd generation. The factory currently produces stockfish, wet salted fish, packing of cod roe and limited export of fresh fish. They have sponsored us with 100 litres of diesel and 40 litres of gasoline, and we thank them so much for the contribution!
Jakhelln Båt AS is a company specialising in boats and Volvo Penta marine- and industrial products. They have quay- and mooring facilities for ships up to 50 foot in lenght (15 metres), and can service auxiliary engines and other equipment on even larger vessels, as well as industrial machinery. Jakhelln Båt was first established in 1987 under the name Molo Mekaniske AS, asn has just gone through an extensive modernisation and refitting. Jakhelln Båt AS is contributing to our project with very favourable prices on mooring and marine products, for which we are very grateful.
The fish-factory A. Johansen AS has lent us mooring and provided electricity for us throughout the entire summer, during which we have been making final preparations for our trip. They also provided us with stockfish and t-shirts for our journey. The factory makes stockfish, salted and fresh fish.

Gallery Utrøst has since it opened some three years ago had between 1,000 and 1,500 visitors every summer. The gallery is run by volunteers, and focuses on local artisans, photographers and painters. Entry is free, and at the time being, seven different artists have their works on display. Through their cooperation partner John Greger AS, they have sponsored us with 40 litres of no-lead petrol.

Røst Handel AS is one of two grocery shops at Røst. Apart from groceries sold under the brand umbrella Joker, they also have a well-assorted gift shop, and they are commissioned for the state lottery fund Norsk Tipping. Røst Handel AS have sponsored us with NOK 1,000 worth of emergency rations.

Telenor Maritim Radio has contributed with an SRC-ceritificate to Rune, completely free of charge, as well as conversion of Finn Olavs certificate to SRC-standard. They have also contributed with a lot of good advice on radio communications around the world.

Sailmaker Iversen sewed us a new mainsail and mended our genoa after our little accident in the North Sea. And they did it really quickly! Sailmaker Iversen stands for quality since 1868, and they convinced us with their positive attitude, fantastic service and quality. We recommend them most sincerely!

The Norwegian seamans church is present at no less than 32 places world wide. They also provide a mobile vicker service. We write stories and articles for the Seamans churches webpage and various publications. We visit them whereever we go, and enjoy Norwegian waffles, newspapers and incredibly service minded staff. We have grown very fond of this honourable old Norwegian institution, and give them our most heartfel recommendations.

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